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Tony Trejo

What is an API?

API Documentation

What is Binance?

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  • Asynchronous Callback (URLSession, DispatchQueue, DispatchGroup)
  • Synchronous Callback (Append String, Sort)
  • Property Callback (Network, Append String, Sort)
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What is a Closure?

  • Case No 1 “Closure used in an Asynchronous Callback”

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What the documentation says?

In this post I will be talking about protocols in Swift and the things you should know about protocol applied to classes, structs and enums.

What is a protocol?

protocol SimpleProtocol { // 1
protocol ClassProtocol: class { // 2
protocol AnyObjectProtocol: AnyObject { // 3
protocol AnyProtocol: Any { // 4
protocol ObjectProtocol: NSObject { // 5
@objc protocol ObjcProtocol { // 6
  1. This is the default syntax of one protocol.
  2. This is a protocol that inheritance from class, so for that reason this…

What is a Swift Class?

// MARK: CrytoExchange classclass CrytoExchange { // 1   // MARK: Properties  let

import VideoSubscriberAccount
open func checkAccessStatus(options: [VSCheckAccessOption : Any] =…

In this post I will be talking about how to create a builder that conforms the sign in foundations for User-Password, Facebook, Google process.

What is a builder pattern?

The example

  • UserSignIn
  • FacebookSignIn
  • GoogleSignIn

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